Interview with Evgeny Khrushchev

Russia is calling on the U.S. to take a fresh look at the issues the dividing issues: arms reduction, Iran's nuclear problem and the proposed anti-missile shield in Europe. RT's military analyst Evgeny Khrushchev gives his take of the problem.

“The two countries have to overcome the major issue. It's a matter of trust. The ball is in the American court. The U.S. and their current administration doesn't trust either Iran or Russia regarding their missile shield. And what makes things even worse is there's a lingering concern the U.S administration, deep inside, does not trust its own intelligence community,” the expert says.

“Definitely they do not trust their own Congress. For instance, the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee, Senator John Rockefeller, expressed his deep concern about the validity and foundations of the U.S. foreign policy towards the Persian Gulf. The same with Joseph Biden, the Chairman of the International Affairs Committee at the U.S. Senate. So the Americans have first to make some damage management in their own country before they will be ready for negotiations with Russia,” concludes he.