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Interview with Dmitry Peskov

Dmitry Peskov, First Deputy Press Attache to the Russian President, reiterated that Russia will not change it's consitution and bow to British demands to extradite Andrey Lugovoy to London.

“In accordance with diplomatic practice, of course, one should expect something like a mirror response. This is the most frequently applied practice in these situations. Of course, we will have to reply, unfortunately. We are not seeking confrontation with Great Britain and we still do value our bilateral relationship. Unfortunately we faced this striking example of the old-way thinking from the British side, unwillingness to be constructive in the international relationship. But we hope for the best. We hope the political wisdom will be dominating and we will see more balanced approach from our British partners. We are speaking about Lugovoy but we first have to wait for the verdict of Russian investigators. If they come to the same conclusion, whatever it be, he will be brought to justice here in this country. The fact that we have been advised to change our Constitution is not the language that Russia has got accustomed to. We do not have any reason to doubt the professionalism and adequacy of our prosecutors. They are high professionals and, by the way, during their job they need co-operation with their British counterparts and as far as we can understand now the British side is not willing to do so. We have the verdict of the British prosecutors and now we will have to wait until our investigators finish their job. And if it is Russian citizen who is blamed, he will be convicted here in Russia,” concluded Mr Peskov.