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10 Jun, 2007 01:00

Interview with Dmitry Chernyshenko

Interview with Dmitry Chernyshenko

Dmitry Chernyshenko, Chief Executive Officer of the Sochi 2014 Bid Committee, spoke to Russia Today about Russia's bid to host the 2014 Winter Olympic games.

Russia Today: You are here at the forum in St. Petersburg to present the Sochi bid to host the Olympics in 2014. Why did you choose the forum as a base to do this?

Dmitry Chernyshenko: This forum brings together high-profile business people, politicians, decision-makers from all over the world. It is a great opportunity for us to use this panel to convince and deliver our unique competitive advantages which I hope will help Russia to bring the Olympics to the great winter sports country for the first time ever. It will also benefit the a business and I hope decision-makers clearly understand that it will generate huge potential markets for developers and trading. This will also remain as a historical legacy for generations and not only in Russia.

RT: Recently the International Olympic Committee took a tour of Sochi and they praised the area for all the progress made in preparation for the bid. They also praised Russia's history in organising large-scale sporting events. But they did comment on the high degree of state support for Sochi's Olympic bid. What do you think about state support – does it harm or help the bid?

D.C.: This is literally a Russian one and not that of a single city because all the country supports this bid. We enjoy full support of the state. President Putin is actively and personally involved in our bid and is one of the greatest promoters, welcoming a lot of foreign leaders in his summer residence there. Recently the Russian government adopted an incredible $US20 BLN investment programme which will comprehensively re-develop Sochi and the region nearby, envisaging mutually profitable co-operation of the state and private business. We also enjoy full public support. According to recent polls 80% of the population in Russia support the bid.

RT: You've mentioned the amount of money being pumped into this bid. What is going to happen in the region if Sochi is not chosen to host Winter Olympics-2014? Is the re-development of the infrastructure there going to continue?

D.C.: This investment is not just for the Olympic bid but also infrastructure in the region first of all aimed at building a year-round resort to become one of the most interesting and recognisable worldwide and to give fresh impetus to winter sports. With 25 days only remaining before the IOC meeting in Guatemala we enjoy overall support and we are aimed at victory only. We do not think about what happens next, after this meeting. We are not overconfident but we are implementing our own strategy of success.

RT: Your closest contenders are Salzburg and PyeongChang. What do you think Sochi's chances are of winning the bid?

D.C.: July 4 will be a dramatic moment for us. As for the technical aspect of our excellent bid it provides one of the most compact and efficient plans for the Olympic family in the whole history of the Games. We are also adding the passion of the great winter sports country which has these winter sports in the blood. I hope that IOC members will highly estimate our chances and we will enjoy our victory on July 4 in Guatemala.