Green technology of the future praised in Brussels

The Energy Globe awards are to be presented at the Hemicycle of the European Parliament in Brussels later on Wednesday. They recognise efficient and sustainable environmental solutions in earth, fire, air, water, and wind categories.

This is one of the most prestigious energy awards in the world. Prizes are given across the globe to projects that have developed both environmentally friendly and renewable sources of energy, from the solar cookers in Kenya to buses that give out almost no CO2 emission in Island. This year there’ve been almost 700 applications for the award.

The organisers say they a looking to call more people to tackle climate change. Resent UN reports have indicated that we are heading towards a climate catastrophe. The shortage of food, water and land could lead to more tensions between nations and eventually to more wars. So the organisers of the Energy Globe award say they are doing their best to develop what they call “a peace policy of the future” – reliable, renewable and green energy sources.