Gold-to-go machines for travelers

Gold-to-go machines for travelers
A gold-dispensing ATM has been put into service at the main railway station in Germany’s Frankfurt-am-Main. Interfax reports the machine looks like a gold bar and is about the size of a phone box.

The price for the gold on sale changes several times during the day, in accordance with the exchange rate fluctuations. On Monday the price has been within 31 euros per one gram. The ATM accepts both plastic cards and cash. Every purchase is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

On May 19, the ATM there was put on display for a one-day marketing test.

The German company TG-Gold-Super-Markt plans to set up 500 gold ATMs throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria this year, Reuters reported earlier.

The machines will be placed at central locations such as airports, railway stations and shopping malls. Each ATM will have the capacity of up to 1,500 pieces of gold, dispensing 1-gram, 5-gram and 10-gram pieces.