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10 Apr, 2008 10:14

“God’s will” used to tempt Doomsday cultists

A message has been dropped to Doomsday cultists, urging them to come out from their cave. Fellow cultists also told them that an Apocalypse is no longer imminent. The cult also confirmed that two people died in their underground shelter.

Local authorities say it’s impossible to confirm or deny the claims yet.

The letter was dropped through a ventilation shaft by two women – members of the cult who have already left the underground bunker. It says that ‘according to the will of God’ the time is right for the cultists who are still underground to return to outside. However, no reaction has followed.  

The Vice Governor of the Penza region, Oleg Melnichenko, gave further details about the message.

“In it they gave specific examples, based on Scriptures, saying their time of confinement should come to an end, and they need to emerge and carry out their earthly duties. They also refer to the will of their leader, Pyotr Kuznetsov, who also urges them to surface,” he said.

Now negotiators are trying to get family members of the cultists to come and convince their relatives to come back to surface.

Meanwhile, the sect members seem determined to stay below ground.

On Wednesday, a survivor told Russia Today that two of the 35 people originally underground had died.

The cult leader Vitaly Nedogon then said one of the individuals died from excessive fasting, while the other had cancer.

He also said that those who stay underground shouldn’t be forced out.

“We think that nothing good will come of it, and that for those left it will end badly. They won’t come out on their own. If they attempt to gas them, it could be fatal to some of the older women. So, we think that either the walls will collapse, or if there is an attempt to evict them someone else will die, because our brothers and sisters are bound to resist,” said Nedogon.

The sect believes the end of the world will occur in May and had planned to stay underground until then. However, roof collapses progressively led to more of the cult members leaving the bunker, including all the children.