Georgian President makes advances to the breakaway republic of Abkhazia

Georgia's president Mikhail Saakashvili has recently chaired the first session of the new government of Upper Abkhazia. The area's name was controversially changed from Kodori Gorge last summer by the Georgian Government.

President Saakashvili moved Abkhazia's government in exile to the area right next to the base of the de facto authority of the breakaway region, leading to strong objections and further enflaming an already tense situation. But now he seems to be offering an olive branch, of sorts, suggesting closer co-operation in rebuilding the area damaged during the special military operation against insurgents last summer.

“This message is addressed to my neighbours and it's one of peace, co-operation, safety for each other and human rights. I hope this message will be heard in Sokhumi. It is not the right time now for hysteria and panic. It is time for serious talks and discussions,” President Sakashvili announced.