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26 Apr, 2010 01:26

Human generator: a man in Georgia becomes a scientific phenomenon

“Let there be light!” is a phrase that Zurab Bedia from Georgia takes to a whole new level as he lights fluorescent lamps with just the touch of his hand.

My brother was really into radio,” recalls Bedia. “During one of his radio sessions, he was electrocuted and died instantly. Forty days after his death, I had a vision – I wouldn’t call it a dream, it was really a vision – he told me to go and change a light bulb in the hallway. When I touched the bulb, it started blinking and kept blinking when I held it in my hand.”

An entire laboratory has been set up by Georgia's top scientists to investigate the Zurab Bedia phenomenon. They have discovered that Bedia’s geomagnetic field is several times more intense than that of most humans.

However, scientists are not only intrigued by Bedia’s ability to light bulbs but, more importantly, the possible effect this could have on medicine and science.

We're interested in finding out how we can use these abilities for further research in various scientific fields,” said Nodar Giorgiadze, professor of chemistry at Georgian Technical University.

One of the options that the scientists are considering is creating a special piece of equipment which would monitor Bedia's geomagnetic field.

Once we have that device, we'll be able to evaluate a person's psychosomatic state for any imbalance, which could later on become an illness,” explained Georgy Sulakalidze, a doctor who specializes in biochemistry.