Foreign firms to partially equip Russian nuclear plants

First Deputy Prime Minister, Sergey Ivanov, says Russia is ready to buy some nuclear equipment from overseas companies. Announcing an increase in Government spending on atomic power, Mr Ivanov says it makes sense to work with overseas suppliers. However,

Speaking at a production facility in Moscow Region, Mr Ivanov said the government would continue to keep tight control of the nuclear industry.

“Russia's nuclear power industry is willing to co-operate with its foreign partners but only if we keep the majority of shares and production on our soil, and control the market itself. This would keep foreign companies from independently selling equipment to nuclear power stations here in Russia,” said Russia’s First Deputy Prime Minister.

He added that boosting nuclear energy was a priority for the country, and that some generating facilities could be placed overseas.

“We're also considering increasing production. That's why I'm not ruling out in the future some production facilities being placed abroad,” he said.