Cop who killed teenager confesses to planting evidence

A traffic policeman who shot to death a 17-year old boy for allegedly pulling out a toy gun has confessed to having planted the gun at the crime scene. He now faces up to 10 years in prison.

The incident took place in Tyva at the end of October. The policeman, Bair Borbak-ool, said the high school student was drunk and drew a toy gun at him, which he mistook for a real weapon. But the investigators became suspicious of Borbak-ool’s story when medical tests revealed no alcohol in the teenagers’ blood.

Borbak-ool has now admitted that the boy did not threaten him and that he had planted the toy gun.

After [Borbak-ool] shot at the teenager, emergency personnel took the victim to the hospital, [Borbak-ool] then returned to the crime scene and planted the toy gun as well as a shell of the bullet he had claimed to have fired as a warning. He has confessed to this. The investigation is still not finished,” an assistant to the Prosecutor told RIA Novosti on Thursday.