Blind cuckold gets revenge on wrong man

Blind cuckold gets revenge on wrong man
For Japanese fictional swordsman Zatoichi blindness was no handicap, though for a man in Russia’s Altay region his poor sight led him to stabbing to death someone he had absolutely no grudge with.

Evgeny Semyonov had murderous intent on his mind when he sneaked into his neighbor’s apartment in November 2008. The man’s wife had cheated on him, and the 40-year-old wanted to put an end to his humiliation in a bloody way, investigators report.

Armed with a knife, the cheated husband attacked the first person he encountered, stabbing him several times. The wounds were fatal, and the victim later died in a hospital.

Only when the body was lying on the floor did Semyonov realize that it was not the wife’s lover, but a stranger. Semyonov is nearly blind and failed to recognize who he was attacking from the outset.

Now a Russian court has sentenced the killer to seven years and six months in prison.