Blast in Dagestan, 3 wounded

An attack on a local official in Russia's southern republic of Dagestan has left his three bodyguards wounded.

A bomb went off in a car parked at the roadside, as the head of the Hasavyurt district and his guards were driving through a village.

The powerful blast was heard kilometers away.

A manhunt for the attackers and an investigation are underway.

Special Forces have been on high alert in the region after secret documents were seized from militants last week.

These suggest new attacks might be imminent.

The papers were found in an operation in Dagestan, when Special Forces took down Magomedali Vagabov, believed to be behind this spring's Moscow Metro bombings.

Russia's Federal Security Service says the documents should help pinpoint many other militants.

Twelve insurgents are believed to have been killed since authorities gained access to the information.