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5 Sep, 2007 15:31

Beslan hero’s daughter stabbed to death

Eighteen-year-old Oksana Kuznetsova, whose father died freeing hostages at the Beslan school in 2004, has been stabbed to death in the Moscow Region. She was killed a day after a monument to Major Mikhail Kuznetsov was opened in the small village of Yurovo.

Oksana Kuznetsova went out for a walk on Tuesday evening without telling anyone where she was going or why. She returned home two hours later being stabbed in her stomach, and died in her mother's arms before doctors arrived.
A criminal case has been launched and investigators say they are looking into a number of motives for the killing.“At the moment we are working on various scenarios which will help determine the identity of those connected with the crime. We don't have any proof that the murder is connected with the girl’s father. However, the investigation is working in that direction too. The victim’s mother is currently in hospital in a state of shock. So currently we are focusing the interrogation on witnesses, neighbours, relatives, acquaintances and so on,” commented Dmitry Belyshkov, investigator.
Police say Oksana was not robbed – her mobile phone and wallet were not stolen.
The girl’s death has rocked the community. People who live in the calm and tiny village are seeking an explanation to the tragedy.
“No one expected this. I cannot explain it. Everyone around here is shocked. She was just a regular girl. She was in the same school as my nephew and got good grades,” said a local resident.
“Their family had enough money, she wasn't in debt to anyone. Oksana was just raising her daughter and her life was entirely devoted to the baby,” added another of Oksana’s acquaintances.

Nevertheless, at the moment local residents are more concerned with the ways to help Oksana's five-month-old baby.