Russia’s South gears up for annual bike show

Moscow bikers have set off on the long journey to Ukraine for the annual international bike show featuring the crème de la crème of the two-wheeled world.

The event kicks off on Friday and the organizers expect thousands to attend the three-day metal-and-leather extravaganza. Bikers from over 15 countries have been invited.

Organizers have gone all out to spice up the show with a Miss Bike competition, performances by famous bands, and a whole array of stunts.

This is the 14th time bikers from all over Russia and abroad have got together to show off their skills. However, Sevastopol is hosting the event for the second time only.

In 2009, the event drew in 5,000 bikers and over 20,000 spectators. Last year, Russian PM Vladimir Putin met Moscow bikers to learn more about the event just before they headed off for the show.