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23 Jul, 2010 23:26

AIDS skeptics take on conventional wisdom

July 23 marks the final day of an international AIDS conference where scientists from around the world have worked to fight and cure the disease. At the same time some continue to deny the conventional wisdom about AIDS.

Journalist Liam Scheff denies that AIDS is a sexually transmitted problem. He said a study of 175 couples, one partner with HIV and one without, engaged in a sexual relationship for six years and in the end the partner who began without aids still did not have aids.

Zero is a pretty low number to indicate a sexual component to this,” said Scheff.

Scheff argued that the study is censored, and this is why the results are not known to the public.

Why would they censor this? Because, they sold AIDS to the world as a sexual problem. Meanwhile it’s a toxicological problem, it’s an environmental problem. In Africa AIDS is a clinical problem of immense poverty and rampant real disease that’s caused by a variety of things,” said Scheff.

Scheff refused to say whether or not he would have a sexual relationship without protection with someone diagnosed with AIDS, but later said the issues would not matter because any potential partner would also believe that “AIDS tests are garbage.”

If you want to find out how good or bad the tests are all you have to do is read the medical journals. I don’t invent this information.” Said Scheff.

People in power like to remain in power”, argued Scheff.

He said individuals will maintain a lie to maintain power, as opposed to accepting the consequences today and risk a failure of public trust in the medical system.

The international conference is focused on a viral or pathogenic cause to AIDS, said Robert Scott Bell, a radio host and homeopath. He argued that those at the conference discount the possibility of a drug or toxicological cause, such as the use of western pharmaceuticals.

So much of the western pharmaceutical paradigm looks to the body as if it were deficient of synthetic nutrients patented by big pharmaceutical companies and approved by federal regulatory agencies with millions of dollars, perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars of conflicts of interest,” said Bell.

Bell argued that individuals diagnosed with HIV, just as those not diagnosed with HIV, need to address the issues as a toxicologically caused immune dysfunction, which can be caused by excess used of pharmaceutical drugs, antibiotics, antifungal, food additives, preservatives and pesticides which destroy enzymes in the body.

I simply want to replenish the nutrients that have been depleted, that have basically been depleted by these exposures from an environmental perspective and then give the body what it needs, take out that which it doesn’t and I see people revering,” said Bell.

It is documented that early treatments for AIDS itself caused a number of deaths. Bell said his argument is not against the existence of an immune disorder or dysfunction. His argument is merely that the condition is not viral, but environmental and toxicological.

John Lauritsen, the author of “The AIDS Cult” argued that AIDS is a construct, not a disease.

Whatever it is, it is definitely not infections,” he said. “A series of blunders, mistakes and eventually lies which have cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in the United States; it was not necessary."

Lauritsen argued that the conferences are propaganda and a trade show for the AIDS industry and that they have nothing to do with science.

There are enormous profits involved, but they have been at the cost of human lives,” said Lauritsen.

Drugs are the likely cause of AIDS, argued Lauritsen. He added, the people who claim they did not use drugs are lying; “they make it up.”

People are dying of the drugs, not because of AIDS,” said Lauritsen.