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Owners cry with happiness after dog they presumed dead returns FROM THE GRAVE

Owners cry with happiness after dog they presumed dead returns FROM THE GRAVE
It’s not a PR stunt dedicated to the recent cinematic release of the ‘Pet Sematary’ remake. A stubborn dog, whose masters thought was dead, has really returned to them from the grave in Russia’s Far East.

Dik had a difficult life. The 18-year-old mutt outlived two of his owners; was ran over by a car and got lost. But it turned out his most bizarre adventure was still ahead of him.

The old dog fell unconscious and his masters determined that the poor guy had passed away. So, with heavy hearts they took their pet and buried it.

But Dik disagreed that it was his time to go. He regained composure and dug himself out of the ground. Thankfully, his grave was quite shallow.

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The heroic pooch was picked up by activists from an animal shelter and returned to his owners.

Dik’s masters shouldn’t be judged too harshly over the whole ordeal, Irina Mudrova from the animal shelter, who shared the story online, said. They love their dog very much and “there were tears when the reunion happened.”

Well, one can only wish Dik good health, longevity and a trouble-free life!

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