Raging fire guts hundreds of cars at government-run Indian airshow (VIDEO)

A raging fire has consumed around 300 cars at a government-run airshow in India. Footage of the extraordinary incident shows firefighters struggling to tackle the blaze as enormous clouds of black smoke engulf the parking area.

The fire in the southern city of Bengaluru was likely started by “dry grass” and was aided by heavy winds, fire official MN Reddi said on Twitter.

Reddi revealed that the inferno has now been extinguished but around 300 vehicles were destroyed. There are no reports of any injuries.

Footage released by the Karnataka Fire Department shows dozens of burnt out and blazing vehicles as the inferno rages.

The fire took place during the Aero India show, which is run by the country’s Defense Ministry, Reuters reports. The show hopes to become one of the world’s premier aerospace events. However, it has been marred by high-profile accidents this year.

Earlier this week, one pilot died and two others were injured after two Indian Air Force planes collided in mid-air while rehearsing an aerobatic maneuver.

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