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'Italian stallion’: Australian woman sues hospital for loss of sex after partner dies

'Italian stallion’: Australian woman sues hospital for loss of sex after partner dies
A woman is suing the Queensland government in Australia over a loss of sex after her partner died from a botched medical treatment last year. His family received $10 million in damages from the hospital before he died.

Cara Ann Flower is suing Queensland Health in Australia for $1.2million AUD ($858,829 USD) for nervous shock and loss of “consortium” (sex). Her partner Jamie-Thomas Manuele died in 2018 after being left brain dead at Brisbane Hospital in Australia in 2013.

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His mother Daphne Finnegan enthusiastically supports Flower’s pursuit, even going so far as to joke about her son’s sexual prowess. “If we're talking about conjugal rights he’d be worth about $3million, he’s an Italian stallion, mate,” she told Channel Nine News.  

The family has received $10 million in damages already, after the hospital paid out for failing to treat Manuele properly. The staff didn’t conduct a key test that could have saved him. About $8 million of that is left and is in a trust for his children when they turn 25.

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Cara is one of a number of Jamie’s relatives making claims. Five other family members have sought damages against the hospital. Jamie’s brother has been offered $323,000 to settle, his uncle is seeking $215,000 and his grandmother and stepfather are seeking $80,000.

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