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Tesla-coil church domes & matryoshka grenades: Kitsch action ‘trailer’ makes splash (VIDEO)

Tesla-coil church domes & matryoshka grenades: Kitsch action ‘trailer’ makes splash (VIDEO)
A proof-of-concept video of an action animation, showing a kitsch futuristic version of medieval Russia is making a splash online, with people leaving comments like “I throw money at my display, why nothing happens?”

Produced by a previously unknown Evil Pirate Studio, the short video shows a Slavic-looking walled town with neon holograms and Orthodox icon graffiti. The town is being assaulted by clawed monstrosities with flamethrowers in place of their mouths. The attack, however, is thwarted by a trio of warriors, including a female archer with a blade prosthetic leg, a monk firing glowing projectiles from a giant Celtic cross and a Viking covered by metal plates.

The Russian audience seems to be thrilled about the setting with all its kitsch elements like domed church towers with glowing electric coils or grenades shaped as evil-grinning matryoshka dolls. About a day after publication on YouTube, it scored some 250,000 views and scores of positive comments.

Damn, guys. Just complete it, I beg you!” one popular comment said.

“Where do I throw my money to see this as a full feature? I am throwing it at the display, but nothing happens,” said another one.

The creators called the video a “strange and somewhat crazy vision of what domestic animation may look like” and asked potential fans to spread the word.