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How to take on Trump: The EU leaders’ guide for Juncker on butting heads with the Don (VIDEO)

How to take on Trump: The EU leaders’ guide for Juncker on butting heads with the Don (VIDEO)
Top Brussels bureaucrat Jean-Claude Juncker is gearing up to meet Donald Trump after the US leader’s whistlestop EU tour. But be warned Donald, Juncker will be well prepped by some of the Europe’s finest.

Many leaders have already met with the macho hand-throttling American president – so hopefully they have provided some guidance to the president of the European Commission ahead of Wednesday’s crunch talks on trade. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has locked horns with Trump on multiple occasions – once he is even said to have thrown two Starburst lollies at her while booming “don’t say I never give you anything.” Hopefully they weren’t the yellows – disgusting!

Merkel isn’t alone when it comes to taking on the US president. In fact, Trump has taken on pretty much everyone in showdowns over the last while. France President Emmanuel Macron, in a confrontation with far less sweet-chucking, had his own throw-down for Trump. The French leader told his American counterpart that he’d used Trump’s own book – ‘The Art of the Deal’ – to learn techniques that would take him down.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is no stranger to savaging the POTUS on camera, interrupting another grand, gesticulation-heavy rant about the EU submitting to Trump’s trade deals with a simple “no”. Ouch.

Whatever advice Juncker has received from the bigwigs in charge of some of the EU’s heavyweight nations, hopefully he listened. It seems the kitty has been sharpening its claws, with the Don taking to Twitter to declare that the US is “the piggy bank that’s being robbed” over trade deals. This powwow in Washington should be interesting.

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