RT drone captures superior view of Moscow’s Victory Day fireworks spectacle

An impressive set of fireworks displays launched simultaneously from dozens of locations has concluded Victory Day celebrations in Moscow. Watch RT’s exclusive drone footage captured over the rooftops of the Russian capital for the best view of the pyrotechnic spectacle.

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The culmination of the Victory Day celebrations saw multiple colors exploding over the spring sky for ten minutes as fireworks painted the face of victory for millions of spectators. Ten minute firework displays were set off from 35 different locations across the capital, including the Kremlin, Poklonnaya Hill and Luzhniki Stadium, which offered city-wide coverage of the nighttime festivities.

Some 72 salute launchers and 18 artillery pieces produced 30 volleys of fireworks over the Kremlin, the Moscow River and St. Basil Cathedral. In addition to 16 traditionally designated launch areas, city's authorities offered a further 19 fireworks zones spread across the different parks of capital.

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Anyone hoping to maximize their experience flocked to watch the fireworks from the Vorobyovy Gory observation deck in southwest Moscow, or from the Poklonnaya Hill platform in the western part of the city. And for those who missed the show, or simply live outside of Russia, RT drone footage offers the best view.