That’s s’more like it: Man toasts treat over violent lava crater

© Caters Clips
Forget pathetic campfire s’mores. This daredevil went the whole hog, making his delicious marshmallow treat with the help of Mother Nature and a massive pit of lava.

Photographer Bradley Ambrose likes a bit of danger with his dessert.

The Kiwi went all the way to one of the lava lakes on Ambrym Island, Vanuatu, to toast his marshmallow and chocolate sandwich. 

With a bag packed full of graham crackers, Ambrose slapped his key ingredients together. 

He then made the perilous journey towards the angry pit of molten rock and got down to toasting…

… almost tripping to his death on the way back. 

But Ambrose is a professional. He’s done crazy stuff like this before, and thankfully can steady himself while enjoying his melty, volcano dish. All’s well that ends well.