Determined doggie: Corgi struggles to climb guard fence

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Give it an A for effort, but F for the result.

A persistent corgi’s ambitions outweighed its skill sets, with the dog ultimately relying on its loyal owner to open the fence to freedom (and probably dinner).

Its little legs and hefty size make it impossible for it to succeed. All it can do is bark until its owner stops filming and opens the gate.

Sympathy for the dog was mixed in the video's comments section with some body-shaming remarks like “someone put doge [sic] on a diet”, “time for fatboy camp”, and “I bet the owner is also fat”.

To be fair, other corgis fail at everyday tasks too.

Corgi run #fail

Corgi catch #fail

Corgi jeans #fail

Buckingham Palace must be a riot at dinnertime.