Close call: Two Chinese toddlers survive being run over by a car (VIDEO)

Close call: Two Chinese toddlers survive being run over by a car (VIDEO)
A shocking video from eastern China shows two toddlers being hit by a car outside their kindergarten. Both miraculously survive, even though the car's wheels roll over one toddler and the other gets stuck under a wheel. The injuries the babies get are… scratches.

The video shows a car dropping two toddlers in front of their kindergarten on December 2 in Guangde, located in east China.

The girl is seen getting held up right in front of the vehicle, apparently trying to tie her shoelaces. The boy reaches down to help her, but soon after that the same car rams into the kids, knocks them off their feet and drives over both of them.

The boy’s limbs are seen rolling around under one of the front wheels. However, he is able to quickly get up and regain balance after the hit, though looking very shocked.

Meanwhile, the girl gets stuck under one of the back wheels and the driver is seen trying to move the car to free the child.

Several horrified adults are seen rushing to the scene.

Both toddlers were rescued almost immediately and received no serious injuries, except for scratches, the People’s Daily Online reported.

Reportedly, it was a parent who dropped off both kids at the kindergarten and ran them over seconds later. The parent was identified only by the last name Sun. The minivan in the video was reportedly rented out.

Local authors have not yet announced whether the driver will be charged.