6.2 earthquake strikes off coast of Chile

6.2 earthquake strikes off coast of Chile
A magnitude 6.2 earthquake has struck off the northern part of the Chilean coast, according to the national seismological center.

The US Geological Survey has measured the quake at magnitude 6.2, with the epicenter located some 70km north of Taltal, Chile.

The quake was relatively shallow and struck some 32 km (20.5 miles) below the seabed.

There were no immediate reports of damage or casualties from the tremor, initially reported by the Chilean national seismological center as magnitude 6.4.

Strong shaking was felt in the area of Atacama Desert in the north of the country, according to local authorities, who are in the process of assessing any possible damage.

In the meantime, the Chilean navy said they were not expecting a tsunami and were not issuing an alert.

In September, a massive 8.3 earthquake triggered tsunami waves which reached Chilean shores, flooding the streets and forcing people to seek shelter on higher grounds.

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At the time, the Chilean coastal city of Coquimbo was been hit by waves measuring up to 4.5 meters above normal sea level. At least five people were killed and one million people were evacuated from the affected areas.

The September quake and tsunami were the largest to strike the country since April 1 2014, when a magnitude-8.2 earthquake impacted just off the Chilean coast, near Iquique. A quake in February 2010 registered magnitude 8.8. The most powerful quake overall occurred near Lumaco, Chile, in May 1960 registering 9.5. All of them generated tsunamis in the country, located on the so-called Pacific ring of fire, renowned for being prone to earthquakes.