Huge glass panel falls inches from Saudi man’s head (VIDEO)

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A Saudi man can consider himself the luckiest man on Earth after a huge glass panel fell from a great height and landed just inches from his head, and didn’t hurt him much, a YouTube video shows.

The footage, released on Sunday, shows a man walking along the street somewhere in Saudi Arabia.

Huge glass panel falls inches from Saudi man’s head

The luckiest man on Earth?

Posted by RT Play on Monday, September 21, 2015

And suddenly something that looks like a giant piece of glass or a huge mirror falls and narrowly misses his head. The man is miraculously unharmed - only his keffiyeh (headscarf worn by men in Arab counties) is knocked to the ground. The glass shatters into tiny pieces and resembles a pile of dust.

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The clip shows the man looking very shocked. He grabs his keffiyeh and hurries away.

A few seconds later another man, who apparently witnessed the incident, comes out of the building and invites the ‘survivor’ inside.