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‘What goes around, comes around’: Camel kicks US soldier in Afghanistan (VIDEO)

‘What goes around, comes around’: Camel kicks US soldier in Afghanistan (VIDEO)
Don’t smack a camel, or you might get a smack down yourself. That was the tough lesson learned by a US soldier who tried to whack a camel on its backside. The animal responded with a swift kick, showing the soldier who was boss.

“This might be the worst idea in the whole f***ing world” – a cameraman filming the imprudent attack can be heard saying, as if watching the calamity to come through a crystal ball.

The footage goes on to show a soldier, reportedly named Frank, approaching the camel, which is peacefully chewing on some grass. As the man approaches, he asks someone nearby to hold the camel’s head away from him.

But, as it turned out, it wasn’t the camel’s teeth that Frank had to worry about, but its hind legs.
As he approaches to slap the hoofed animal, its right hind leg springs up and gives the soldier a swift camel-kick. The leg had been cocked in advance, as though the camel understood exactly what was about to happen.

The move prompted a wave of hysterical laughter from other soldiers, while Frank simply says: “That was not a good idea.”

The clip was originally filmed in 2010, but has since resurfaced and become popular on social media.

It’s not exactly clear what drove the soldier to attack the humped desert dweller, but it is possible that he was homesick for the American Midwest, where the sport known as cow-tipping, when unsuspecting cows are pushed over in their sleep, is a favorite with the rural population.

Whatever the reason, as the internet hilarity continues, it would seem wise to remember, that karma will kick you if you try to mess with camels!