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Best Dad ever? Chinese father builds a life-size Transformer for his son

Best Dad ever? Chinese father builds a life-size Transformer for his son
A Chinese father probably deserves the title of “Best Dad Ever” after he built a life-size Bumblebee from the Transformer franchise for his son. The homemade robot is now standing in his yard and looks as if it is ready to fire rockets and combat evil.

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It all started when Wang Liansheng, a welder from the village of Jiangsu, western China, took his son to the “Transformers: Age of Extinction” movie in August 2014, Chinese newspaper People’s Daily Online reported. Wang bought him a small Transformer toy but the boy asked for a bigger robot. However, Wang could not afford it.

Wang took his son’s request very seriously and decided to do something not every Dad can do for his child – to build a huge replica of the famous Bumblebee, a small, yellow Transformer with his own hands.

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So Wang took the scraps of car parts from a local auto factory and recycling center and started his work, which lasted almost a year. 

And finally the dreams of a boy who just wanted his own life-size Transformer came true. His 3-ton Bumblebee stands at 5 meters tall and 3 meters wide.

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Wang is now building a life-size replica of Optimus Prime, one more fictional character from the Transformers. He is thinking of turning his hobby into a business.

“The first robot is the promise to my son, the next one is about my career,” Wang Liansheng said in an interview to People’s Daily Online. “I prepare to start my own business and have seven or eight workers in my company.”