Chinese woman dodges prison for 10 years by becoming pregnant…13 times

© Alex Lee
A Chinese woman, now 39, has been backing out of a life-term jail sentence for 10 years – through 13 pregnancies. Even more surprising, it is not known if she actually had any of the babies.

Initially, the woman – identified as Zeng by Chinese state newspaper People's Daily Online – was sentenced to life behind bars for corruption in October 2005, in Urumqi, northwest Xinjiang Autonomous Region.

However, she was with child at the time, so was given probation for the time of her pregnancy. She had an abortion back then.

When the probation period ended, the woman told officials that she was pregnant again.

Repeating the pattern, over the last decade, she has been pregnant 13 times, with one more claim proving fictitious.

It remains unknown exactly how many times the pregnancies led to actual births.

Recently the woman was finally imprisoned, almost 10 years after the initial sentence was handed down.