360° interactive footage from fighter cockpit - move it just like Google panoramic view (VIDEO)

© heritageflightmuseum
A spectacular predawn dual flight of fighters from two epochs, the mid-20th century P-51 Mustang and the early 21st century F-22 has been captured on video, with awesome technology enabling the viewer to look 360 degrees in any direction.

Just left-click on the mouse and move left, right, up or down, just like on Google Maps’ panoramic views.  The technology gives the viewer the feeling of actually being inside the cockpit. As 360° view technology becomes ever more commonplace, it’s now coming to aerial videography.

The P-51D Mustang Valhalla belongs to the Heritage Flight Museum and is piloted by Greg Anders, while the name of the F22 military pilot is unknown.

The flight took place in early August at the Abbotsford International Air Show, British Columbia, in Canada.

The video is courtesy of Lyle Jansma, of AeroCapture Images and their awesome Cockpit 360 app.