Internet sensation mama koala and cub released into the wild (VIDEO)

Internet sensation mama koala and cub released into the wild (VIDEO)
Workers from the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital released a mother koala and her male cub back into the wild. The cute koala family won the hearts of millions worldwide after images were released of the joey refusing to let go of his mom during her life-saving surgery.

The fully-recovered koalas, named Lizzy and Phantom by hospital workers, were released into the wilderness of Australia’s Queensland a month after they were hit by a car on a highway west of Brisbane.

When taken to Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, Lizzy had to undergo an emergency operation to fix face trauma and a collapsed lung. Her six-month-old joey refused to let go of his mother, supporting her during entire surgery and afterwards, clinging lovingly to his injured parent.

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Having been well protected in Lizzy’s pouch, Phantom himself came away from the accident without injury. Miraculously, neither of the animals broke any bones.

The world’s hearts melted after images of the koala family at the hospital were released. After reporting that the duo was recovering well, the hospital thanked “everyone for all the support received from all over the world.”

‘Now it’s my turn for cuddles!’ – Phantom’s mum, Lizzy is recovering well after surgery and is now the one doing all the...

Posted by Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lizzy and Phantom are among thousands of cuddly patients treated at the hospital. Its vets have helped 58,000 Australian native wildlife animals to date. The clinic has an average of 70 to 80 koalas coming through its doors every month. The period from August to February is especially dangerous for koalas, because joeys become more active and sustain more injuries from accidents and domestic animal attacks.

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