‘Mobile armor’: Man busted smuggling 94 iPhones strapped to his body

AFP Photo/Bobby Yip
A man from Hong Kong has been caught on the Chinese border trying to smuggle 94 models of the iPhone 6, which were strapped to his body.

The man, who is a citizen of Hong Kong, was noticed by officials when entering mainland China through Futian Port, walking strangely with a stiff posture and joint movements, the Sina news website reports.

They checked his two shopping bags but didn’t find anything, and it was only when he walked through a metal detector and set off the alarm that they realized something was indeed amiss.

A body search then confirmed that he had the phones strapped to his torso, calves, thighs and crotch, a technique known to those in the business as ‘mobile armor.

Even though the latest iPhone 6 has been available in China since October, smuggling is still rampant in the region. The phones are currently being held by customs.