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29 Aug, 2014 14:36

Car waterworks: Irishmen take Ice Bucket Challenge to whole new level (VIDEO)

Car waterworks: Irishmen take Ice Bucket Challenge to whole new level (VIDEO)

A group of Irish young men have taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to a whole new level by getting their friends to fill a car with cold water, while they were still inside.

The whole process was filmed and posted on Facebook. The hilarious footage kicks off with one of them sawing a hole in the top of the car with a fuel-powered saw, while others laugh their heads off.

You can watch the video here.

Then, four of them get into the car – and the fun starts: one of the participants puts a hosepipe into the hole, and turns the water on.

About a minute later, the guys jump out of the car, shaking with laughter and shouting – and the streams of water follow.
The video has been reposted over 6,000 times, and got hundreds of likes, with the reactions varying from “stupid” to “legends!”

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is now popular in Ireland, with even Belfast Lord Mayor Nichola Mallon among the high-profile people who have joined in.

However, across the UK, the initiative has sometimes resulted in unexpected – and not so pleasant –accidents.
In Scotland, the water supply to the entire Inner Hebridean Island, with a population of around 135 people, was automatically switched off at least five times over the last weekend after more than 100 residents took the challenge.

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The Ice Bucket Challenge has swept across the globe over the past few weeks, with the initiative often taking another twist: some dumped rice or rubble on them.

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Usually, participants dump ice water on themselves, pledging to also donate to research of ALS or any other fund of their choice. Participants then challenge others to do the same.

ALS is also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, named for the legendary New York Yankees first baseman, who died prematurely after contracting the neurodegenerative disorder.