Huge bridge in Siberia swallowed up by snowstorm in seconds

A rapidly-approaching snowstorm has been captured enveloping a bridge in an amateur video recorded in Krasnoyarsk, the third largest city in Siberia. During the first few seconds of the video, a large bridge across one of the world's largest rivers, the Yenisey, which flows to the Arctic ocean, can be seen, with relative sunlight in the area. Within seconds, a storm cloud shrouds the bridge and everything around it, with astounded workers on a nearby construction site heard commenting “maybe we’d better get out of here.” Within a minute, visibility is next to zero, with only huge snow flakes falling and covering the construction site. Last week, a deep cyclone brought winter back to most of Siberia, having badly affected Krasnoyarsk, with the storm felling trees and traffic signs in the city.