Brazil Mud Carnival: Dozens plunge in black slime, dance on the beach

Revelers in Brazil's seaside colonial town of Paraty threw themselves into deposits of black, mineral-rich slime, emerging covered head-to-toe in the sludge. Bikinis and trunks disappeared beneath the mud, which highlighted both gym-pumped pectorals and beer-fed guts. Those hoping to remain pristine didn't last long at the Bloco da Lama, which translates from the Portuguese as "Mud Street Party". Legend has it the "bloco" was born in 1986 after local teens hiking in a nearby mangrove forest smeared themselves with mud to discourage mosquitoes and then wandered through Paraty.

The party grew year after year, but revelers were eventually banned from parading in the colonial downtown after shopkeepers complained pristine white walls were stained with the hard-to-remove mud. Now revelers dance on the beach instead, getting down and dirty to competing soundtracks of Brazilian funk and house music amid cavemen chants of "uga, uga."