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Russian companies left TOP 50 most valuable firms

Russian companies left TOP 50 most valuable firms
No Russian companies are included in the top fifty of the world’s largest companies in the annual Financial Times Global 500. Russian gas monopoly Gazprom lost 26 positions tumbling to 57th place.

Gazprom is now sandwiched between Walt Disney and the America's McDonald's.  Its market capitalization decreased by 30.4% to $101.4bn, according to the FT.

Apple tops the list of the world’s most valuable companies, in spite of a 25% fall in its market value from $559bn to $416bn. ExxonMobil remains second,  while Berkshire Hathaway investment holding  is third, up from 13th in the 2012 survey, the FT reports.

A total of 8 Russian companies made it into the FT Global 500, compared to 10 companies last year.  All the Russians firms have lost positions in the rating.  Russia’s oil major Rosneft lost two positions falling  to 82nd place, despite an increase in its market capitalization by 6.9% to $80.9 bn. Russia’s largest bank Sberbank has made it to the first hundred, ranking 97th. The financial institution fell by 11 places and its capitalization shrank by 1.8%, to $70bn.

The total market capitalization of the Global 500 companies has increased 7.5% from $25,300bn to $27,200bn. The FTSE All World index has risen 8.1% over the same period, the FT reports.

Media, pharmaceuticals and real estate investment trusts have performed the best in the FTSE All World sectors in the year to March 2013, while mining and industrial metals have proved the worst performing, according to the FT.

Banks and oil companies remain the most valuable sectors in the list, with banks’ market value rising 13.1%, and oil companies’ market value decreasing 6.7% compared with the 2012 survey, according to the FT.