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Money grows on trees... Christmas trees!

Christmas trees from Denmark are growing in popularity in Russia. But in Moscow, a Danish tree costs about 200 Euros – several times more than in Europe.

In a little more than a week, sellers of Danish trees can make a killing.

Market players say that there are around 10 companies selling imported trees in the Russian capital.

The company “Elki Danii”, which means “Denmark Christmas Trees”, says some outlets sell at least 100 trees over the 10-day festive period. This brings in around 12,000 Euros, with a profit of about 30%.

The company co-owner Ekaterina Bolotova says last year they imported four truckloads of trees. This year they ordered five – but still don't have enough.

She says, Moscow’s market for Danish trees stands at around a million Euros – and this is just the beginning.

The owner of another Christmas tree retailer, “Elky”, which means “Trees”, works as an editor for a magazine, but always takes a couple of weeks off at the end of December.

“People at work understand that these 10 days bring me what I earn there in three years!” said Vladimir Borisov, co-owner of the company.

Vladimir’s company sells mostly Russian produce. He says trees from Denmark aren't stealing too many buyers, as Russian pines and firs cost five times less and, he says, they have a proper smell of Christmas.

Meanwhile, the sellers of both Russian and Danish trees are optimistic. Moscow authorities are trying to reduce the amount of tree outlets – so this will increase competition and bring bigger companies even higher profits.