Interview with Igor Tomberg

Interview with Igor Tomberg
Igor Tomberg, Senior Fellow of the Energy Studies Centre, joined Russia Today to comment on the energy summit between Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Russia and the expected sighing of a new pipeline agreement.

Russia Today: How likely is it that this pipeline agreement will be signed? Is the pipeline project of much interest to Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan?

I.T.: First of all, the question is what exactly the agreement will cover, because the initial idea was to sign a big agreement on a gas consortium. It would make our partners from Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan full partners to this consortium, giving them a say not only on the terms of gas supply but also on pricing and profit sharing, which is of course very interesting for them. It is actually beneficial to all parties.

RT: Why is the agreement so important for Russia, first of all in economic terms?

I.T.: By signing this agreement, Russia will have secured the supply, helping it safeguard its domestic gas usage. For Russia it