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Interview with Aleksey Kudrin

Interview with Aleksey Kudrin
Aleksey Kudrin, Russia's Finance Minister, joined Russia Today to comment on the country's integration into the world economy.

Russia Today: Do you really believe that this forum can help Russia integrate into the world economy?

Aleksey Kudrin: Russia has become a world centre for stable economic growth. All Russia's neighbouring countries are traditionally represented here by the presidents or Premiers. All together they make this an integrating region which is becoming more important economically. It is increasing its connections with the world. The pace of economic growth is very high here – as well as in other developing markets. That explains such huge interest. It is really easy to make money here, so it's becoming important for the whole world.

RT: One of the most important aspects of Russia's integration into the world economy, according to the government, was an attempt to attract foreign investments into the Russian Federation. Do you believe that the government has been successful in this process so far?

A.K.: Last year we made a breakthrough in liberating our currency regulations in capital flow. In fact we now have completely free capital movement. This has increased the inflow of capital into Russia. The investments exceed the outflow by $US 41 BLN in June this year. The surplus is about $US 60 BLN in June this year. This is equelled for Russia. The total volume of direct foreign investment into Russia was $US 26 BLN last year. We expect the figure to be over $US 30 BLN. Our prognosis for 2010 is about $US 40 BLN. This is good growth and proves trust in Russia.