Interview with Aleksandr Medvedev

Ukraine is crucial to Europe with over 70% of Russian gas supplies routed through the country. Gazprom’s Deputy CEO, Aleksandr Medvedev, has eased fears of a new EU gas shortage.

Mr Medvedev revealed that Gazprom would accept Ukraine’s price claim of US$ 160 per thousand cubic meters.

“The issue is settled and we are at an advanced stage of negotiations on the future price mechanism and it won't be just a one-year agreement but a middle-term solution. Actually it coincides with the situation in Russia. In 2011 we'll have the market price  for the local market also.”

He calls the suggested price reasonable and suitable for Gazprom and he joked “the most important part is that this price is acceptable for Ukraine.”

The agreement is yet to be signed, but it will be and “much earlier then December 31” in Mr Medvedev’s words.