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28 Sep, 2007 05:38

Business travellers welcome new Moscow hotel

Affordable hotel rooms are like gold dust in Moscow, so the opening of a new hotel aimed at business travellers will be greeted with a fanfare by the business community. The former Soviet hotel, Mezhdunarodnaya, has reopened as the Crowne Plaza. It will

With Moscow receiving more than 18 applications to build new hotels this year alone, underlining the current boom in the hotel sector, attention is turning to the market for medium-sized hotels focusing on satisfying Russia’s booming business travel market

“There are a lot of hotels in Moscow but almost all of them are aimed at very rich tourists. This is not what a business person wants when he go on a business trip. This kind of hotel will provide the Russian hotel market with new services and facilities,” says Pavel Teplyukhin, principal partner at Troika Dialogue Group, Moscow-SB 17 sec
The $US 20 million Crowne Plaza is one of the first business hotels situated within the World Trade Centre in Moscow.

Moscow’s increasing prominence as a global business centre is leading to greater demand for hotels catering to the needs of business people. Facilities such as conference rooms, seminar halls and hi-tech communications help to make their business in Russia more productive and convenient.

The demand for hotel rooms is also being driven by growing tourist numbers, with data released this week showing a 15% rise in tourists visiting Moscow.  But the number of corporate clients, with their own specific needs, is growing even faster.

“First of all it is a business hotel. The biggest part of our client base is the corporate sector, business people that come to Moscow for a short time,” explains Elena Belashova, manager of Crowne Plaza Hotel.

International investors are moving in to fill the gap in the market, often in conjunction with Russian companies.  And with the market still considered underdeveloped there is room for plenty more interest.