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3 Sep, 2007 13:32

Billionaire kids rated in new rich list

The weekly magazine “Finance” has published a league table of the richest kids in Russia. The children of the country’s billionaires stand to inherit about $US 230 BLN at current market values.

The luckiest individuals can count on a fortune worth $US 12 BLN.  The survey shows that when it comes to inheritance, the fewer siblings the better.

The children of Roman Abramovich, the richest Russian tycoon according to Forbes magazine, will not be the wealthiest inheritors.  The prolific owner of Chelsea Football Club will have to divide his money between five children,  leaving each of them with about $US 4 BLN.  This pushes them to 25th place in the rating.

The offspring of aluminium tycoon Oleg Deripaska are second in the list.  He has two children, and each one is expected to inherit about $US 10 BLN.

Despite his eastern background, the head of the Lukoil oil company, Vagit Alekperov, has only one son. And this makes Alekperov Junior the most desirable fiancé. 

Seventeen-year-old Usuf Alekperov stands to inherit the princely sum of $US 12.3 BLN, putting him in top spot in the list of rich Russian kids.

Children who are expected to inherit less than $US 1 BLN were excluded from the list. 

Among the ousiders are the six children of tycoon-in-exile Boris Berezovsky.  Each is only expected to collect $US 210 MLN.