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Global economy is pregnant with digitization, but I’m okay, Putin reassures

Global economy is pregnant with digitization, but I’m okay, Putin reassures
The world’s economy is hooked on technology, even if he isn’t, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a panel session with his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron at the St. Petersburg Intl. Economic Forum (SPIEF 2018).

Putin referred to a statement by President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Alexander Shokhin, who reportedly said the Russian president is “infected” by digitization.

“I am absolutely healthy,” the president joked. “That’s not me who is infected, but as for the global economy, it is pregnant with digitalization. And pregnancy is not a disease, as we know.”

President Putin highlighted that Moscow is relying on the further development of French businesses in Russia, particularly in the field of high tech.

“I met with investors yesterday. They have taken an unprecedented step,” Putin said. “They are automatically co-investing together with our direct investment fund. One of the crucial top-priority goals for us is to create a friendly environment for foreigners working in Russia.”

According to the president, the French partners are proficient in all the fields. Putin highlighted the vital necessity for developing cooperation and resisting shut-downs of markets. “Any sorts of economic separatism leads into trouble,” he said.

During the meeting, Putin and Macron agreed to develop new tools for working in cyberspace. According to Macron, new mechanisms would be able to help to work on some common regulations for acting in cyberspace.

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