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Motorola may return to Russian market in October

Motorola may return to Russian market in October
Motorola, once the mobile phone sales leader in Russia, could be coming back to the market. Current owner China's Lenovo is considering the move, and is already in negotiations with retailers, Russian daily Kommersant reports.

After Lenovo's mobile division reported a $292 million pre-tax loss in the second quarter, the company said it would merge its smartphone development divisions Motorola in the US, which it acquired last year from Google for $2.91 billion.

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According to the head of Lenovo in Russia Gleb Mishin, after buying Motorola Lenovo received a set of patents. "To save them, we have to make a reshuffle, we will promote both brands," he told Kommersant.

According to the daily's unnamed source, the company intends to launch a Lenovo Motorola brand in Russia. Another source said the Motorola brand will be used for premium smartphones costing more than $300. However, it is unclear whether it will be Lenovo Moto, Lenovo Motorola or another combination of brands. Meanwhile, the Lenovo brand will be used for the lower and middle price segments (smartphones cheaper than $300).

Motorola closed its Russian office at the beginning of 2011. Once a leader in sales of mobile phones, Motorola controlled less than one percent of the Russian market by 2010, according to Russia's largest mobile phone retailer, Euroset.