RT America -- July 13, 2015

US military strategy is about the control of globalization process – investigative journalist

The newest national military strategy from the US Joint Chiefs of Staff focuses more on “globalization” and US military superiority, which appear to be at odds with the nearly two decades of conflict in the so-called “War on Terror.” RT’s Simone Del Rosario speaks with an investigative journalist on what the report says about the future of American military spending.

Deal reached to keep Greece in Eurozone: What’s next?

Greece will be going back to heavy austerity measures as a result of the newest reforms meant to prevent an exit from the Eurozone. However, the deal features many points similar to those the Greek people voted down in a referendum only a week earlier. ‘Boom Bust’ producer Edward Harrison, who was in Athens during the referendum vote, speaks to RT’s Simone Del Rosario about the deal and Greece’s economic future.