RT America -- June 11, 2015

Creative Justice: Ohio judge uses eye-for-eye approach in sentencing for misdemeanors

Ohio Judge Michael Cicconetti has become known for giving offenders of minor crimes and misdemeanors the opportunity to choose between traditional sentencings and eye-for-an-eye ones. A woman chose to be pepper sprayed and a man was sent to live out in woods in silence after a noise complaint. He speaks with Lindsay France about his methods and why he chooses more creative routes.

Farewell to Fox: Rupert Murdoch steps down as CEO

News that CEO of 21st Century Fox and media magnate Rupert Murdoch will be stepping done is causing a buzz in media and political circles, but will there be any actual changes for the company? Lionel from LionelMedia talks with Lindsay France about what a Murdoch-less Fox will look like.