RT America -- May 29, 2015

Silk Road founder, Ross Ulbricht, sentenced to life in prison

Ross Ulbricht, the convicted 31-year-old Californian creator behind the online blackmarket Silk Road was sentenced to life in prison Friday. Alexey Yaroshevsky reports live from the courthouse and talks more about the repercussions of the case.

Allegations of media fear-mongering ahead of spy law ‘sunset’

Privacy advocates and activists are voicing new criticism of how the Obama administration is handling the possible expiration of the US Patriot Act, set for this Monday, with writers like Glen Greenwald accusing the New York Times of being a mouthpiece for the Obama administration in a recent article on the act. ‘Lionel’ of LionelMedia joins Manila Chan to discuss the fear-mongering in the media and in congress over this controversy.