RT America -- April 20, 2015

Man’s death in police custody sparks Baltimore protests

The death of Freddie Gray, an African-American man who is believed to have died from a severed spine while in police custody, has sparked protests in Baltimore. Anya Parampil spoke to residents of the city who relayed their fears and concerns about the Baltimore Police Department.

Danny Glover, rapper Kazzie talk black inequality, search for success in America

“I come from here, but I don’t feel safe here at all,” rapper Kazzie tells Aleksey Yaroshevsky as he drives through the impoverished areas of Newark, NJ. It’s a stark reality in the lives of many African Americans throughout the US, as the protests and riots in Ferguson showed the world last year.

Actors like Danny Glover have seen the desperate effects poverty has had within the African-American community, while Harvard professor Charles Ogletree sees education as a way out for those trapped in impoverishment. Yaroshevsky take an in-depth look at the struggle the black community faces.