RT America -- April 15, 2015

Congress, BBG puts up funds to challenge Russian media influence

Committee hearing that focused on Russia’s supposed ‘weaponization of information’ and how the US needs to catch up. The committee is looking to improve its approach with the recent shake ups in the Broadcasting Board of Governors. Alexey Yaroshevsky reports and interviews academic Noam Chomsky about his view on alleged ‘Russian propaganda.’

Fighting for 15: Demonstrators hit streets across the world demanding high wages

From Los Angeles and New York to Brazil and Estonia, protesters have been active in the streets for the Fightfor15 rallies, demanding a living wage in jobs ranging from McDonalds to Wal-Mart. Manuel Rapalo has compiled a report on the protesters and Marina Portnaya discusses the atmosphere from the rally in New York City, speaking with the protesters who are hoping for a change in their lives.