RT America -- April 7, 2015

Civilians evacuated from Yemen as airstrikes intensify, causing major humanitarian crisis

As the situation in Yemen deepens, with Saudis conducting a military campaign against the Houthi rebels that have taken the capital, Sanaa, countries from Somalia to Russia have moved to evacuate civilians and nationals who find themselves in the crossfire. Ben Swann talks to journalist Chris Hedges about coverage from American media and the legality behind the action in the region.

Voting in Ferguson: Community hopes for more power to make changes

After nearly one year of unrest and tension, residents of Ferguson, Missouri, are heading to the polls Tuesday for a City Council election that could result in major changes for the beleaguered city. Ben Swann speaks with voting activist Rasheen Aldridge about the voter turnout and what the people in Ferguson are looking to accomplish at the polls.